October 07, 1991 12:00 PM

by Jim Becker, Andy Mayer and Bron Smith

We know Waldo, Mr. Vice President, and you are no Waldo. But this variation on the Waldo series—in which the title character is hidden in cartoon scenes teeming with characters—is still amusing.

While even the Vice President’s severest critics must be bored by Quayle-bashing at this point, this is a light-spirited approach to that popular diversion. Humor-book authors Becker and Mayer and illustrator Smith have ensconced Quayle in such settings as a bustling NASA control room and a Pebble Beach golf tournament, where his is an even more incidental presence than it usually is.

The fun comes in such details as how many of the NASA technicians have their console monitors tuned to baseball games, or realizing that the Pebble Beach tournament happens to be taking place just as a substantial hunk of California real estate is breaking off and falling into the sea.

The heavier-handed it gets, the less funny this book is. (Each drawing includes a dumb Quayle memo: “Red Square is a fascinating place. They even have a dead guy named Lenin buried in his own building!”)

Whatever urges for crossword-puzzley diversion make the Waldo books so addictive to his fans, however, should be activated. (Collier, paper, $9.95)

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