January 28, 2008 12:00 PM


NBC’s bruisin’ new hit has fans nostalgic for the squad from the old syndicated version (1989-96). PEOPLE’s Nicholas White caught up with three still-tough characters.

NITRO REAL NAME: Dan Clark, 43 “We built American Gladiators on our broken knees, our sore backs, our jammed fingers,” says Clark, an actor, screenwriter and consultant on the new show. “Not a day goes by when people don’t [recognize] me.”

ICE REAL NAME: Lori Fetrick, 44 “My character was kind of me,” says Fetrick. “I’ll go out, kick your butt, smile and walk away.” She sells real estate in L.A. “I’m an entrepreneur—I found out that’s my strength. It’d be fun to be on Celebrity Apprentice!”

LASER REAL NAME: Jim Starr, 45 “In my seven seasons I had 12 surgeries,” says Starr, who now works in fitness-product development. “Are these new [Gladiators] as athletic as the old ones? It’s going to be a lot of fun to find that out.”

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