By People Staff
January 24, 2005 12:00 PM


Step by step, left right left, Eminem’s hit “Like Toy Soldiers,” which samples Martika’s 1989 smash “Toy Soldiers,” is marching up the charts. The California-born singer, 35, who dabbled in acting in the ’90s, is thrilled to be in the pop spotlight a second time.

ON EMINEM’S TRACK I love how it turned out. Once I gave Eminem approval, it was all on him to do what he wanted. It’s a new incarnation.

ON WHAT SHE’S BEEN DOING I was just living a normal life away from the spotlight. I spent a lot of time studying music. I was working on music without the pressure of having to make a living at it.

ON BEING A FORMER TEEN POP STAR Now I can get up in front of the world and not have [everybody] watch me figure myself out. I’m a grown woman now.

ON HER NEW MUSIC GROUP OPPERA It’s a duo, my partner Michael Mozart and I. We’re finishing up our CD, and we played our first concert last week. It’s much more of a rock project [than pop].