By People Staff
November 03, 2003 12:00 PM

Battlestar Galactica

A quarter century after the Star Wars-like series ended, Battlestar Galactica lives on as a cult hit. A DVD of the show’s single season was released last month, and in December a miniseries remake airs on the SciFi Channel. “It’s amazing that a show that was only on for 24 hours altogether had such impact,” says star Richard Hatch. Here’s what the original cast is up to now.

Dirk Benedict (Starbuck) The show’s heartthrob starred in The A-Team and a few films in the ’90s before taking a break to raise his two sons in Montana. “When I die, I may have regrets,” says Benedict, 58, who is divorced. “One of them will not be that I didn’t spend time with my kids.”

Richard Hatch (Apollo) Hatch, 57, has written six novels inspired by the series and is coproducing the 2003 Galactica fan convention. When cast members reunited to tape commentary for the DVD, “it was as if 25 years had never gone by,” says the single Hatch, who lives in L.A.

Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Boomer) Post-Galactica, Jefferson, 57, acted on TV and in films, including 1995’s Apollo 13. Today he says he’s most proud of his daughter Rebecca, 18, who “watches [Galactica reruns] as long as there’s nothing else on.”