By People Staff
Updated October 07, 1985 12:00 PM

This low-budget send-up of all things Hollywood hearkens back to those mid-’70s cult comedies The Groove Tube and The Kentucky Fried Movie—crude, often hilarious views of films and TV by hip Baby Boomers. When Nature Calls (subtitled…You’ve Gotta Go) presents several movie trailers leading to an hour-long feature, complete with an intermission and a charity collection drive. A parody of 1981’s Raging Bull has its moments, as does the feature section, “The Outdoorsters”—a takeoff on the Wilderness Family series. Funny too is a testimonial for the Society for the Prevention of Jerry Lewis, in which spokesman G. Gordon Liddy—yes, that G. Gordon Liddy—pleads, “We’ve got to stay ahead of the Russians…. We’ve already lost France.” Writer/ director Charles (Mother’s Day) Kaufman saturates the film with one-liners; at 10 jokes a minute, some are bound to hit. Cameos by Myron Cohen, John Cameron Swayze and Morey Amsterdam, to name a few, add little. But the ultimate failing of this film is that it lacks the fundamental element of its predecessors: It’s not really outrageous. When he falls back on a Bo Derek gag, Kaufman seems more desperate than the people he’s parodying. (R)