By People Staff
June 20, 1994 12:00 PM

Vince Gill

Let’s say you win nearly every major music award, including CMA’s Entertainer of the Year, have seven No. 1 singles, and your last three albums have sold over 7 million copies combined. On your next album, do you (a) stick to your winning formula, (b) stick to your winning formula or © stick to your winning formula? Bingo! Luckily, Vince Gill’s formula—mournful, understated ballads about heartbreak, sung in a pure, quavering tenor—is hard to beat. Not since Smoky Robinson’s Motown heyday has an artist created such gorgeous rhapsodies of remorse; “Whenever You Come Around,” the second track here, shimmers with aching passion. Such is Gill’s way with romantic ruin that even when he shakes off the blues to yee-haw it up (“What the Cowgirls Do,” “South Side of Dixie”), he seems to be biding his time, just waiting for the girl to leave so he can start hurling again. (MCA)