By People Staff
September 06, 1982 12:00 PM

by Richard Lamparski

Lamparski, who has turned out seven previous incarnations of this book, has added for this edition 50 new personalities—including ’50s singing star Gogi Grant (long retired and a Beverly Hills housewife), ’40s cowboy hero Sunset Carson (a rancher who still does some in-costume personal appearances) and the ’30s comedy team, the Ritz Brothers (Al died in 1965, but Jimmy, 77, and Harry, 75, are working on their memoirs). The brief biographies and then-now photographs of 100 people chosen from previous editions have been updated too. Lamparski’s choices are a little peculiar. He includes Martin Kosleck, who played Goebbels in four different films, Vera Hruba Ralston, star of such films as Angel on the Amazon and The Lady and the Monster, Victor (Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman) Kilian, who was murdered in 1979, and James (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn) Dunn, who died in 1967. Still, this book is all but irresistible. His fans, for instance, will be glad to know that bandleader Horace Heidt, 81, “never felt better” and that his daughter operates a gold mine. (Crown, $8.95)