October 29, 1984 12:00 PM

Kenny Rogers

Like a floundering baseball team that keeps changing managers, Rogers has been going through producers with a vengeance lately. David Foster, who co-produced this LP, has worked on parts of Rogers’ albums before, in addition to hooking up with such mainstream pop performers as Toto and Chicago. While he does not seem to have the sense of Rogers’ strengths demonstrated by Larry Butler, who produced Kenny’s most successful country-oriented albums, Foster is certainly an improvement on some of the bearded one’s recent collaborators. There is, in fact, one brilliantly thought-out track on this album—the title song, written by Rogers, Foster and Richard Marx. About a love triangle, it is sung by Rogers with his old pal Kim Carnes and the talented young James Ingram. Having three people sing the parts of the triangle turns what could have been a routine pop song into a snippet of operatic drama. Most of the album’s other tracks sound like filler, except for the Graham Lyle/Troy Seals tune Didn’t We? and The Stranger, a characteristically effective Dolly Parton song that makes the most of Rogers’ storytelling talents. To put it back in baseball terms, Foster has at least made Rogers a contender again. (RCA)

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