September 21, 2009 12:00 PM


• Two decades after the iconic duo found love—and sex—in the city, the rom-com remains “timeless,” says costar Billy Crystal. Why? “People will always have trouble falling in love.”

Shooting the famous fake orgasm scene at Manhattan’s Katz’s Deli was a tall order for Meg Ryan, so director Rob Reiner “sat down opposite me and showed her what he wanted,” recalls Crystal, 61. “He had a Mighty Joe Young kind of orgasm, and the extras applauded.” Today, Crystal is still approached by women on the street moaning, “Yes, yes, yes …!” and diehard fans of the film hanker for a sequel. But “some things should just be left as they are,” says screenwriter Nora Ephron. Counters Crystal: “I would do a sequel in a second if it could feel fresh. It can’t be When Harry Left Sally….”

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