June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Beware. This is not an exercise tape; it’s a talk tape. Lynn Redgrave, warm, friendly and full of lip gloss, chats for 59 minutes about exercise-aerobics, jogging, biking-and about diet plans, massage therapies, beauty treatments and learning to love yourself whatever your waist size. On a set that calls to mind a low-budget morning show, Redgrave hears the personal accounts of women who have triumphed over anorexia, bulimia and hypoglycemia and tries to look interested while psychologist Henry Grayson meanders on such topics as why we can’t stop at just one cookie. Interspersed are execrable skits intended to spoof situations that plague fat people. Viewers might be better served by less prattle and more action. (Vestron, $29.95)

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