July 26, 1993 12:00 PM

Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Terry Kiser

Carrying the concept of beating a dead horse to new depths, this piece of drivel is as tediously unimaginative as the 1989 original that hatched it.

The sequel picks up with Kiser, whose death and subsequent service as a comedy prop were the point of the original, turning up in the New York City morgue. McCarthy and Silverman, as employees of the insurance company where Kiser was an embezzling executive, chase his constantly misplaced corpse all over the place in hopes that Bernie’s trail will lead to the loot. They wind up in the Virgin Islands, where even the gorgeous scenery of St. Thomas is ill-used by witless writer-director Robert Klane.

There is not a funny line, and most of the sight gags have to do with the corpse’s crotch being slammed by hard objects.

Kiser gives an understandably moribund performance. But he is no stiffer than the charmless young McCarthy and Silverman. The movie does confirm that gratuitous sequels are the lamest, most dishonest phenomena of pop culture—not counting beer commercials, of course. (PG-13)

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