Terry Kelleher
October 28, 2002 12:00 PM

Sunday, Oct. 27 SIGHTINGS: HEARTLAND GHOST Showtime (8 p.m. ET) Ooh, scary. Beau Bridges stars in a TV movie about a haunted house in small-town Kansas.

Monday, Oct. 28 RUGRATS Nickelodeon (8 p.m. ET) Witchy Angelica plots to spook the babies into giving up their treats in this Halloween special.

Tuesday, Oct. 29 24 FOX (9 p.m. ET) Kiefer Sutherland tries to beat the clock again in the tense drama’s second-season premiere.

Wednesday, Oct. 30 THE WEST WING NBC (9 p.m. ET) The campaigning Prez (Martin Sheen) debates his GOP opponent (James Brolin).

Thursday, Oct. 31 ER NBC (10 p.m. ET) Don Cheadle starts a four-episode run as a surgical intern.

Friday, Nov. 1 DANGEROUS DOGS Discovery Channel (10p.m. ET) A special shows how some canines are trained in viciousness.

Saturday, Nov. 2 STANLEY KUBRICK: A LIFE IN PICTURES BBC America (8 p.m. ET) Tom Cruise narrates this documentary on the late, great director of 2001 and Eyes Wide Shut.

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