By Terry Kelleher
February 14, 2000 12:00 PM

>Sunday, Feb. 13 MEET THE POWERPUFF GIRLS Cartoon Network (noon ET) The animated superhero sisters show their stuff in an eight-hour marathon.

Monday, Feb. 14 LIAR LIAR ABC (8 p.m. ET) Jim Carrey is a lawyer who can’t handle the truth in this 1997 comedy hit.

Tuesday, Feb. 15 NYPD BLUE ABC (10 p.m. ET) Martinez (Nicholas Turturro) bids a fond farewell to the 15th Precinct.

Wednesday, Feb. 16 THE WEST WING NBC (9 p.m. ET) How injudicious of him. A Supreme Court nominee (guest star Edward James Olmos) gets arrested for drunk driving.

Thursday, Feb. 17 JOHNSON TAPES TLC (9 p.m. ET) A documentary examines Lyndon Johnson’s fight for civil-rights legislation and J. Edgar Hoover’s spying on Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, Feb. 18 NOW AND AGAIN CBS (9 p.m. ET) John Goodman reprises his role as the guy Eric Close used to be.

Saturday, Feb. 19 ANALYZE THIS HBO (8 p.m. ET) Billy Crystal serves as therapist-consigliere to mobster Robert De Niro in this funny 1999 film.