April 02, 2001 12:00 PM

>Sunday, April 1 WIVES AND DAUGHTERS PBS (9 p.m. ET)

A Masterpiece Theatre four-parter opens with two stepsisters—best friends—vying for the same beau.

Monday, April 2 MIDWIVES Lifetime (9 p.m. ET) Sissy Spacek delivers as a midwife accused of malpractice in this TV movie.

Tuesday, April 3 SURVIVOR MD PBS (9 p.m. ET) What’s up, doc? Nova revisits seven physicians first profiled as Harvard med-school students in 1987.

Wednesday, April 4 TITANIC: THE REAL JACK DAWSON Discovery Channel (9 p.m. ET) This documentary says Leonardo DiCaprio‘s 1997 Titanic character had a real-life namesake.

Thursday, April 5 ER NBC (10 p.m. ET) George Clooney‘s back—in a 1995 episode—rescuing a young flood victim.

Friday, April 6 GHOSTS OF THE DEEP TLC (10 p.m. ET) A sunken Spanish galleon lures treasure hunters in this one-hour documentary.

Saturday, April 7 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN HBO (9 p.m. ET) The Boss and his E Street Band cut loose in a Madison Square Garden concert taped last summer.

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