January 11, 1999 12:00 PM

>Sunday, Jan. 10 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS CBS (9 p.m. ET) Showbiz honorees picked by the general populace get their due from host Ray Romano.

Monday, Jan. 11 AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS ABC (8 p.m. ET) If you’re not all awarded-out, Brandy and Melissa Joan Hart cohost this three-hour gala.

Tuesday, Jan. 12 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN NBC (8 p.m. ET) Dick’s on a “roots” kick, attaching himself to a family that mistakenly invited him to its reunion.

Wednesday, Jan. 13 60 MINUTES II CBS (9 p.m. ET) Start the stopwatch. It’s the much-touted debut of the newsmagazine clone.

Thursday, Jan. 14 THE GODFATHER USA (9 p.m. ET) Watching this two-part airing of the 1972 Mob masterpiece (concludes Friday at 9) beats sleeping with the fishes.

Friday, Jan. 15 BUFFETT & GATES ON SUCCESS PBS (10 p.m. ET) Listen up. Warren and Bill tell how they got so rich.

Saturday, Jan. 16 BOOGIE NIGHTS HBO (8 p.m. ET) Clothing is optional in this 1997 epic of the porn industry. Mark Wahlberg and Burt Reynolds star.

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