September 03, 1979 12:00 PM

Crystal Gayle

There isn’t any law saying that once a lady crosses over she can’t cross back. That seems to be what Gayle is doing, in last year’s admirable When I Dream LP and now in this one, which is nearly pure country. One way to tell is by the palpable lament in many of the tunes: Sneakin’ Out the Back Door, Your Old Cold Shoulder, Through Believing in Love Songs and Too Deep for Tears. Even Time Will Prove that I’m Right has a downer of a message, though it’s happily bouncy and has delightful filling by fiddler Buddy Spicher, steel guitarist Lloyd Green and pianist Pig Robbins. Despite all that love gone wrong, the album is splendid, with Gayle taking the relaxed, bittersweet approach that makes her as good as anyone in Nashville.

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