By People Staff
Updated June 29, 1987 12:00 PM

Deniece Williams

With this LP, Williams follows up So Glad I Know, her Grammy-winning gospel album, with a strong pop performance. British producer Steve Levine’s mostly synthesized arrangements provide an effective counterbalance to Niecy’s sweetly impassioned delivery. One key to the record’s attractiveness is Williams’ more mature approach to her material. Her style is very emotional, but the fervid recklessness of such earlier hits as Let’s Hear It for the Boy has been brought under control. On Love Finds You she explores her astonishing upper register. She vastly overdoes the tremolo on Not by Chance until it sounds more like birdcalls than singing, but she’s on target otherwise. While few of the songs measure up to the sparkle of I Confess and Never Say Never, don’t tell Deniece. She’s too busy latching on to everything that crosses her path. (Columbia)