By Leah Rozen Lesley Messer
January 29, 2007 12:00 PM

Director-producer Wan, 29, is the twisted genius behind horror hit Saw and its mutant offspring. (Saw III, which he executive produced, is out on DVD Jan. 23.) So what films make the Malaysian-born Aussie shiver?

JAWS “Made me fear the ocean for life.”

POLTERGEIST “Saw it at age 7. Been fascinated by creepy dolls ever since.”

BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) “It haunted me, not with its slasher-style killings but with its malign, unnerving atmosphere.”

PROFONDO ROSSO (DEEP RED) “A murder mystery with a bizarre edge that only Dario Argento, one of my favorite horror directors, could conceive.”

LOST HIGHWAY “I love [director] David Lynch’s ability to take everyday situations and give them such a frightening alien quality.”