October 17, 2005 12:00 PM

Voices by Peter Sallis, Ralph Fiennes

Biting into his favorite nutrient source, Wallace happily boasts, “I’m just crackers about cheese.” What he feels for cheese, viewers young and old alike are bound to feel for human Wallace and his canine caretaker, Gromit, after seeing their latest merry adventure (from the makers of Chicken Run).

In their first full-length feature (following three shorts), this clay duo hunt for a giant rabbit that has been chewing its way through an English village’s vegetable gardens. What makes the movie so wonderful, in addition to its dotty characters, are the abundant crazy mechanical contraptions and nonstop wordplay. A favorite example of the latter: when a bad guy’s toupee flies off, jokes fly mixing up “toupee” and “to pay” as well as “hair” and “hare.” Take the kids to this one, and you’ll never find yourself stuck trying to explain why a pun is supposed to be funny. (G)


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