People Staff
October 15, 1984 12:00 PM


There is probably not a distinctive Chicago style of rock as there was, in the early part of the century, a Chicago style of jazz. The Windy City-spawned Survivor does, however, share with the group Chicago a bright, glib, nothing-is-all-that-serious approach to pop music. (Survivor is a little more hard-edged and doesn’t use the distinctive Chicago horns.) Since Survivor’s 1982 hit, Eye of the Tiger, the group has added a new lead singer, Jimi Jamison, who softens some of the band’s rougher spots and does as much as anyone can with such Jim Peterik-Frankie Sullivan songs as Broken Promises: “I remember those songs on the radio/The jasmine, the wind in your hair/Does it seem like so long ago?” As good-time, big-time rock bands go, Survivor is an accomplished outfit. If they aren’t blazing new trails, nobody will ever get a headache trying to understand them. (Scotti Brothers)

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