April 11, 1994 12:00 PM

>FRESHLY PACKAGED RERUNS ON SATURDAY (APRIL 9), CABLE DTPS into the broadcast vaults for two La-Z-Boy marathons. The Sci-Fi Channel presents Final Curtain: The Last Episodes (7 p.m. ET). Lindsay Wagner introduces a quartet of series’ swan songs including her own Bionic Woman (the government wants to put Jaime in a gulag for retired agents); Beauty and the Beast (with Catherine now only a dim memory, Vincent saves Father from a serial killer); Quantum Leap (in a Pennsylvania mining town, Sam experiences strange echoes of past adventures); and The Prisoner (the identity of the mysterious No. 1 is revealed). That same night (8 p.m. ET), TNT celebrates its acquisition of the original Kung Fu series (which ran from 1972 to 1975) with a five-episode sampler hosted by Grasshopper himself, David Carradine. Among the shows is the one that introduced Carradine family patriarch John as a recurring character, blind preacher Serenity Johnson. Another episode, titled Alethea, featured a precocious 10-year-old Jodie Foster. Hmm, I wonder if Master Po had a cable hookup?

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