February 01, 1988 12:00 PM

“Squeeze your eyes shut and lift your cheeks; wrinkle your nose and scrunch it up tightly; move your jaw back and forth; lift your shoulders up to your ears.” Feel silly? Relax. These are among the exercises introduced by teacher-turned-family therapist and stress-management consultant Barbara Cheresnick-Rosenbaum in this 20-minute tape that promises to reduce the pain of tension headaches without drugs. Rosenbaum has culled from countless self-help techniques what she regards as the most effective methods to loosen taut muscles, stimulate circulation and breathe away stress. Rosenbaum’s sister, Nita Metz, and actor Rob Trow demonstrate such simple techniques as pressing down on the area between index finger and thumb to release tension, while Rosenbaum lulls viewers in hypnotic tones. (Prism Entertainment, $11.95; 800-541-0454 or 818-703-7040)

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