November 29, 1993 12:00 PM

Syndicated (Check local listings)


When I first saw this title, my eyes played tricks on me, and I thought I was going to be watching a special on luscious Swedish model Vandela, whom I would probably watch sorting bait for two hours.

Well, the program does star a model, Carol Alt. This is a sequel to Alt’s 1991 syndicated miniseries in which she played a Mafia princess who shoots her husband on their wedding day because she finds out he is the man who killed her father. She fled the country for a Sicilian convent.

The writing and plot haven’t improved much this time around, but Alt’s acting certainly has. Or maybe she just looks better because she’s playing opposite one of TV’s most wooden leading men: Michael Ontkean. See, he’s an investigative reporter for The New York Times who befriends the daughter Alt had to give up in the nursery and…oh, never mind.

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