August 18, 1997 12:00 PM

Primal Scream

Call it trip pop. Ditching the boogie-woogie swagger of 1994’s Give Out but Don’t Give Up, Primal Scream’s fifth album re-creates the wonderful hallucinogenic aura of Screamadelica, their landmark 1991 effort. Singer Bobby Gillespie seduces with his drowsy-sexy delivery on “Burning Wheel” and “Star,” while “Stuka” and “Motorhead,” with their compressed robotic vocals, could be themes for some sci-fi disco. Only a band with genuine musical smarts could name a disc after an obscure ’70s road flick, sample the film’s voice track on the first single (“Kowalski”), cast Kate Moss in the video—and not come across as pretentious twits. (Reprise)

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