By Leah Rozen Julie Jordan Liza Hamm and Jason Lynch
Updated May 07, 2007 12:00 PM

>Travelers check in to the scary motel in Luke Wilson’s latest movie—but they don’t check out! How did Wilson, 35, prepare for being chased by homicidal hoteliers? Apparently, it wasn’t all that different from living with rowdy sibs Owen, 38, and Andrew, 42, a screenwriter, who collaborated with him on the upcoming comedy The Wendell Baker Story, out May 18.

HOW DID YOU KEEP UP YOUR ANXIETY LEVEL IN VACANCY? Being the youngest of three brothers, I’m pretty jumpy—that helped. The director scared me a couple of times too. I’d be doing a scene and opening a door where no one was supposed to be there, and he’d be on the other side smiling and scare the heck out of me.

AND IN WENDELL BAKER YOU GET TO WORK WITH YOUR BROTHERS. We really had a good time. Not that we don’t ever have our differences. Not totally idyllic, but for the most part, we get along.

OWEN IS DATING KATE HUDSON. WHAT ABOUT YOU? I’m not seeing anybody—I’m not being evasive. I don’t have a girlfriend, but I wouldn’t mind one. I definitely want [kids] at some point.

WHY IS AMERICA OBSESSED WITH THE WILSON BOYS’ LOVE LIVES? Well, for Owen, it would be because he and Kate worked together and they’re high-profile. There doesn’t seem to be that much fascination with mine [laughs]. I need to get some headlines.

WOULDN’T YOUR PARENTS LOVE MORE GRANDKIDS? Yeah, they really love Andrew’s son Joey, and I’m sure they’d love more. We need to get a girl in the family.

ON A PEOPLE.COM POLL, YOU BEAT OWEN OVER WHICH BROTHER WOMEN WOULD RATHER DATE. Really? That’s great! Because sometimes when they compare our physical build, I always lose by like 69 percent. I got him beat? That’s good to hear. And I want to thank all those people.