By People Staff
November 10, 1997 12:00 PM

Billy Porter

What does Pittsburgh-born Billy Porter, 25, have on Maxwell, Kenny Lattimore and Tony Rich, last year’s celebrated trio of R&B male singers? A muscular, church-trained, Broadway-tested voice (heard in Miss Saigon, Five Guys Named Moe, and Grease), which allows him to make the most of his vocal register—and with moving results. Though the material on this, his first solo CD, is often uneven, Porter is well-served by those songs—like the choir-backed “Love is on the Way”—that allow his undulating tenor to soar. The more reserved selections, however—especially a syrupy cover of “Show Me”—lack intensity and find Porter powering back on his performance, which is a shame. (DV8/A&M)