By Ralph Novak
September 11, 1989 12:00 PM

>DENNIS FRANZ Most familiar from Hill Street Blues, Franz projects a cynical, rumpled realism as a Chicago cop who helps Gene Hackman foil an assassin in The Paekage. Like such you’d-know-him-if-you-saw-him ’40s character actors as George Tobias, Franz quietly makes his presence felt.


After causing a minor buzz in The Fly in 1958, this solemn-faced actor became a mere rhyme—”Tom Mix to David Hedison/ Thank you, Thomas Edison”—in “The Movies,” a tribute by Nashville’s Statler Brothers. But he played James Bond’s CIA pal Felix Leiter in Live and Let Die, and returns in the role to help Licence to Kill start fast—getting married and then chomped by a shark in rapid succession.