March 12, 1984 12:00 PM

In this funny remake of a funny 1948 Preston Sturges film, Dudley Moore plays a famous orchestra conductor who has just married a much younger woman, Nastassja Kinski. When he begins to think she has been seeing another man, his jealousy consumes him to the point that he suspects one of his best friends and plots to kill him. Moore, whose post-Arthur films have been erratic, is wildly back in form, especially when he gets looped on tranquilizers and tries to carry out the planned murder. His gift for comic timing has never been better exploited. Kinski, who has appeared to struggle in most of her recent roles, shows a surprising subtlety as a comic actress and looks gorgeous. As Moore’s manager, Albert Brooks becomes a good straight man and Armand Assante deftly plays a womanizing violinist. Richard (Best Friends) Libertini, as Moore’s Italian butler and cook, is hilarious hacking up an eggplant While describing what he would do to an unfaithful wife. Director Howard Zieff’s style is brisk. A few confusing plot turns are a minor fault in such an otherwise effective comedy.(PG)

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