By People Staff
September 07, 1981 12:00 PM

Anyone who thinks it could be wildly amusing to watch 150 midgets mill around for 90 minutes should see this movie. All others should wait for yet another rerun of The Wizard of Oz. The sadly wasted idea for this would-be comedy comes from Oz lore, expanding on the reports that the little people brought to Hollywood in 1938 to play Munchkins and flying monkeys spent their spare time indulging in king-size revelries. The film’s cast of characters includes a midget Nazi spy (Billy Barty), a Secret Service man guarding a European duke (Chevy Chase), MGM’s liaison with the little people (Carrie Fisher) and a semi-sauced house detective (Tonight show writer Pat McCormick). None of them are funny, and Chase even seems wan and disinterested. Fisher looks better than she ever did as Princess Leia—she spends half this movie running around in her underwear—but she has nothing much to do or say. One commodity in abundance is sexual innuendo—breast fondling, groin injury shtick and even some fleeting nudity. Director Steve (The Buddy Holly Story) Rash tolerates some atrocious acting. If ever a movie got short shrift, this one is it. (PG)