July 08, 2013 12:00 PM


The show is a thriller based on Stephen King’s novel about a town trapped under a dome. What’s he like?

I’ve been terrified of him ever since I first read one of his books, but he’s so funny. On-set I took a picture and asked, “Could I tweet this, or do you want to?” He said, “Nah. Homey don’t twit.”

It’s action packed. Did you have to train or get in shape for it?

I used Bikram yoga to put my butt back where it used to be! I want my boyfriend [former Top Chef contestant Chris Crary] to go. He’s like, “No way!”

Dating a chef seems like a good deal.

He understands the long hours I work; he has them too. And it’s great: I’ll come home to a three-course meal!

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