By People Staff
March 24, 1997 12:00 PM

Roomful of Blues

If that first blush of spring has yet to arrive, try dropping in this frisky disc from the venerable New England blues-swing band to warm your sundeprived soul. While not bursting with as many scorchers as 1995’s Grammy-nominated Turn It On! Turn It Up!, Under One Roof’s pace never slackens because the members of this 29-year-old, nine-piece ensemble know one another’s moves and grooves so well.

There’s the easy swinging feel of “Running Out of Time,” with Sugar Ray Norcia’s warm baritone caressing the melody, and the original instrumental “We B 3,” which features guitarist Chris Vachon’s crackling riffs and sounds like a reverential nod to Stevie Ray Vaughan. But, as usual, it’s ROB’s crisp, taut horn section that keeps the joint jumping and, if you’re in the mood, can turn a dull evening at home into a heel-clicking night of fun. (Bullseye Blues)