People Staff
April 29, 1991 12:00 PM

Glen Campbell

Somehow Campbell has never seemed like elder statesman material. At 55, though, he strikes a nicely restrained pose on this album, mixing reconsiderations of country standards with appealing new songs.

The highlight is Campbell’s elegant version of Willie Nelson’s still fresh-sounding “Healing Hands of Time,” though it’s good too to hear Dolly Parton’s “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” and Bill Anderson’s “Once a Day.”

While Campbell kicks up his boots on “Living in a House Full of Love” and “Somebody’s Doin’ Me Right,” most of the album is more reflective. And why not? There are enough young lions prowling Nashville these days. It’s a treat to hear an older cat poring over the country songbook, in effect, and saying, “Yep. These are worth hearing again.” (Capitol)

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