February 07, 2005 12:00 PM

The Tracks of Tyler Hilton

If you think Tyler Hilton looks and sounds as if he were tailor-made for one of those WB teen dramas, you’d be right: The 21-year-old singer-songwriter and guitarist has a recurring role on One Tree Hill, and his music has been featured on the show. And with his earnest, easy-on-the-ears blend of pop-rock and alt-country—think a younger John Mayer crossed with a more freshly scrubbed Ryan Adams—it’s clear from this debut why Hilton is hanging with the WB crowd. Tracks such as the single “When It Comes,” with its light, breezy bounce, provide the perfect soundtrack for teen angst and romance. Hilton, who will also appear as the young Elvis Presley in this year’s Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, excels at country-accented numbers like the plucky ditty “The Letter Song” and the acoustic-guitar-driven ballad “Rolling Home,” which showcase the California native’s low-key charm and wistful, slightly smoky vocals. Still, all that TRL appeal can’t save a few generic pop-rock cuts, like “Kiss On,” that are about as fresh as Dawson’s Creek reruns.

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