By People Staff
March 11, 1985 12:00 PM

The Kendalls

Daddy Royce still is content to harmonize along quietly, sometimes barely audibly. Daughter Jeannie still bubbles along with her mountain-creek voice, never too deep but sparkly and full of life. The Kendalls, on their 11th album, are still their straightforward, appealing selves. This LP includes the old Elvis hit My Baby Left Me, rendered in a likably easygoing way, and Merle Haggard’s heart-wrencher, Somewhere Between, as well as the corny-clever title song and the similar One Good-Bye From Gone. Dennis Solee adds a punchy sax solo on I’m Still His Lifelong Dream, and lead guitarist Gregg Galbraith pops in throughout the album. Don’t want to overdo the spices, however. This is basic down-home fare, wholesome, simple and satisfying. (Mercury)