July 24, 1989 12:00 PM

Cee Cee Chapman

Move those initials on over, K.T., and make room for another grown-up woman country singer. Chapman, 30, is a hearty-voiced sort from Portsmouth, Va., who won a best new female vocalist nomination from the Academy of Country Music this spring but hasn’t cut an album before.

Composers Charlie Black, Bobby Fischer and Austin Roberts produced this debut and wrote its 10 songs. One hopes Chapman isn’t the prophet of romantic doom the songs suggest, but if you must prophesy doom, here’s how to do it—with passion and a biting way with words.

“Love Is a Liar,” “You Lie” and “The End of a Heartache” hint at the philosophical orientation, and “Frontier Justice” gets specific on how to deal with romantic rejection, lamenting that “You can’t hang ’em high/ You can’t lay ’em low/ The way you could a hundred years ago.”

Aided by some lively Nashville backup veterans, Chapman chews into these tunes, sounding involved, intelligent and in total control. (Curb)

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