By People Staff
December 21, 1998 12:00 PM

Photographs by David Fields

Essays by Ruth and Rachel Sandweiss

To paraphrase the old saying: It takes two to know two. How else to explain the success of the Sandweisses, identical twins themselves, in drawing out 26 of their fellow duos—both famous and non—for this tribute to twinship? Muhammad Ali’s 27-year-old identical twin daughters, Rasheda and Jamillah, open up about establishing their individuality while growing up in the shadow of each other and their world-famous dad. Jane Seymour talks about the challenges of mothering 2-year-old sons John and Kristopher. Racecar champion Mario Andretti, searching to explain his profound kinship with identical twin brother Aldo, says, “It’s just different, it’s a miracle of life, it’s what God gave us.”

Read too many of these essays at one sitting and they will start to seem repetitive. (Do twins ever not feel a special bond with each other?) But the book’s stylish black-and-white portraits by photojournalist David Fields keep this ode to twosomes from becoming tiresome. (Running Press, $27.50)

Bottom Line: Dynamic look at duos