March 02, 1981 12:00 PM

by Kathryn McLaughlin Abbe and Frances McLaughlin Gill

The twin authors traveled the U.S., interviewing and photographing twins, trying to confirm their own experience: That to have a twin is an almost mystical and, for the most part, delightful plus in life. There is competition, especially if the siblings choose the same careers, but also strong support. In sports, the authors found skiers Phil and Steven Mahre, tennis aces Tim and Tom Gullikson and racecar drivers Mario and Aldo Andretti. They tracked down high-wire walkers Ilia and Peter Kondov, models Amy and Ann McCandless and artists Moses and Raphael Soyer among others. The book emphasizes one apparently universal truth, as quoted by twin Peggy Roblee: “We are curious about twins, too, and always feel a special—bond toward other identical twins. A kind of conspiracy of understanding.” (Potter, $17.95)

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