By People Staff
January 31, 2000 12:00 PM

Tina Turner (Virgin)

When you’re a panther, you never have to bother trying to act like a lion. At 60, Turner remains true to herself—energetic and unfailingly Tina. Propelled by the sensuous bass of Paul Turner (no relation), she struts through 11 tunes in this, her first album in four years.

The highlight of the project is the infectious title tune, written by Tina’s old sidekick, guitarist-composer Terry Britten. But also enjoyable are a previously unrecorded Bee Gees tune, “I Will Be There,” the funky, heavily bassed “Falling” and the articulately romantic “Talk to My Heart” by Johnny Douglas and Graham Lyle. Another one of her familiar running mates, Canadian rocker Bryan Adams, shows up to add a backup vocal on “Without You.”

Like her most famous disciple, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, Turner has come to represent the probably-ought-to-be-obvious notion that aging doesn’t necessarily preempt vitality and sexual energy. Even if Turner couldn’t sing a lick, we should all be lining up to thank her for that.

Bottom Line: Timeless numbers from a tireless pro