May 19, 2008 12:00 PM

This year, the nights are crammed more than ever with games, stunts and out-of-the-ordinary stars


DENISE RICHARDS: IT’S COMPLICATED (E!, MAY 26) Rejoice, voyeurs. Not only has the actress and ex-wife of Charlie Sheen landed a show—Dina Lohan’s Living Lohan premieres the same night on E! The network will also have a series for Pam Anderson in August.

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: SUMMER SESSION (ABC, JULY 20) The network hasn’t revealed the prize for this Nick Lachey-hosted talent search, but it might involve a Disney musical. Expect the title to change.

THE BABY BORROWERS (NBC, JUNE 25) Five couples are put through a sociological experiment in caregiving, learning to look after everybody from an infant to a tween to a senior citizen.

CELEBRITY CIRCUS (NBC, JUNE 11) Such reality staples as Christopher Knight (left) and Rachel Hunter perform stunts under the big top. Joey Fatone is the one cracking the whip—hosting, I mean.


I SURVIVED A JAPANESE GAME SHOW (ABC, JUNE 24) Ten Americans fly to Japan to play the sort of crazy, gonzo challenges that make for popular programming there.

GREATEST AMERICAN DOG (CBS, JULY 10) And American cats? Are they nothing special to you, reality producers? Rival dog owners vie to train their pets to perform new tricks. The prize is $250,000.

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