October 22, 1984 12:00 PM

Somehow, television and trivia go together like, say, cheese curls, potato chips and pretzels. The questions and answers in this game, in four TV Guide-size booklets, tip off future questions too easily. The substance, however, is trivia defined. What was the real name of Roxanne, Bud Collyer’s assistant on the 1950s quiz show Beat the Clock? (Dolores Rosedale) Robert Young portrayed writer Cameron Brooks in which 1961-62 series? (Window on Main Street) What TV newsman quit covering the State Department in 1976 to be a househusband? (Ted Koppel) The questions on sports and news seem like padding, but then, they may keep some people from lapsing into catatonic trances. People who like this game will also be comforted by the thought that no area of life generates trivia as fast as TV; here, clearly, is a game that could go on forever. (Trivia Inc., Chicago, III. 60602, $25)

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