February 25, 1991 12:00 PM

Mike Reid

Any resemblance between this debut album and the sound of Ronnie Milsap is probably not all that coincidental.

After Reid quit pro football to become a singer-songwriter. Milsap was among the first to record Reid’s songs, and two of his tunes. “Stranger in My House” and “Lost in the Fifties,” became Milsap hits. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Reid, pro football rookie of the year as a Cincinnati Bengal tackle in 1971, developed an affinity for Mil-sap’s hale and hearty, mildly nasal sound.

In any case, Reid’s biggest weakness as a singer is a lack of distinctiveness: He hits the right notes but does it in ways that make you think of other performers.

While the songs are articulate and smooth, especially the up-tempo “I’ll Stop Loving You,” they are easier to tune out than they might be. Vocal charisma is hard to define; nonetheless, there aren’t many signs of it on this album. (Columbia)

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