By Alan Carter
October 16, 1989 12:00 PM

PBS (Thurs., Oct. 12, check local listings)


Hunger Chic, the opening installment of this craftily written and well-acted six-part comedy anthology, adeptly skewers upper-middle-class self-absorption. In delightful performances, Carrie Fisher and Griffin Dunne play a stylish if rather starchy yuppie couple who only care about pulling off their fancy dinner party and are not amused when Danitra Vance, as a spunky West Indian maid hired for the night, shows up wanting to elevate their consciousness about Third World hunger. Mainly it’s Fisher’s and Dunne’s blood pressure that gets elevated as Vance comically raises the roof. Upcoming TTs—each with different casts and writers—will lampoon extramarital affairs, unemployment and smoking, among other insolvables, and feature performances by such stars as Pete Scolari, Jean Stapleton, Robert Klein and Sally Kirkland. A six-pack of episodes is not enough. More! More!