Frances Ha explores many themes: friendship, career dreams, love. Could you relate to any of those?

Pretty much all. I came to New York when I was 20, and we shot the film when I was 27. I had that awkward transition between college and career. You’re sort of a woman but not really. New York is a struggle. I felt undatable. I still do.

How did your parents, Sting and Trudie Styler, feel when you decided to pursue acting?

I wanted to act since I was a little girl, but I didn’t tell anyone. It was sort of my secret. I was really shy as a kid and didn’t want to make waves. So my parents were just sort of like, “okay…” because I had never expressed that desire. They were supportive, but they told me I had to study. There was no delusional moment where they led me to believe it would be easy. It’s not easy no matter who your parents are.

How do you unwind?

I’m a big foodie. I like to cook pot-luck dinners with my friends. I make a really good rice and quinoa dish. I used to make a good pasta sauce, but my boyfriend at the time called it “slop.” So I’ve sort of lost my confidence in that dish.