February 02, 2009 12:00 PM

TNT, Jan. 26, 10 p.m. ET



Eric McCormack, returning to series television for the first time since the end of the excellent Will & Grace, teams with Tom Cavanagh (?Ed?) for a show about smart creative types at a Chicago advertising agency. Somehow it doesn’t seem all that different from working for a paper-goods company in an industrial park: cubicles and offices and people.

To be fair, not every show about the ad life has to be AMC’s Mad Men, which both fetishizes and undercuts the stereotypes of that world, from the urban sophistication to the competitive overdrive. But Trust Me, despite being created by two former ad men, lands squarely and flatly in the realm of competent execution—and what’s the good of that? McCormack and Cavanagh, who suggest an exclusive pack of greyhounds when paired together, might have been more fun in a show closer in spirit to Nip/Tuck. Or even Will & Grace. In the first hour, there’s only one character with any enjoyable dramatic fizz, and he lasts about as long as New Coke.

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