By People Staff
Updated February 03, 1997 12:00 PM

by Michael Connelly

Page-Turner of the Week

AT FIRST GLANCE THE STIFF STUFFED into the Rolls Silver Cloud looks like a simple homicide: a hit, possibly Mob-related, the kind of whack job some wiseguys call “hearing trunk music.”

But it’s not far into this jazzy joy-ride before LAPD detective Harry Bosch starts singing a different tune. There are, it seems, lots of folks who wanted schlock movie producer Tony Aliso dead—and they range all the way from the Las Vegas-based mobsters whose money he may have been laundering to an undercover FBI agent.

The plethora of suspects, however, could prove the least of Bosch’s problems. As in previous adventures, the perennial maverick runs afoul of police brass, this time because of departmental dirty secrets his investigation threatens to expose. Soon some of the powers-that-be seem more eager to fry him than the killer.

Fans of Connelly, a former police reporter for the Los Angeles Times, may miss the grace notes that distinguished last year’s non-Bosch mystery, The Poet. But for those seeking the kind of action that takes more turns than a roulette wheel, Trunk Music is a sure bet. (Little, Brown, $23.95)