November 02, 1987 12:00 PM

Julie Brown

All right, which one of you guys is responsible for trying to get Julie Brown to go straight? Was it you, Richard Gottehrer? You, Danny Sembello? You, Joe Chiccarelli? One of the other six producers who worked on this album—maybe even Julie herself? Somebody obviously has decided that Brown, who has recorded two of the funniest singles ever—I Like ‘Em Big and Stupid and Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun—should sing pop rock tunes with such mundane lines as, “Standing like a child in a revolving door/ Never satisfied, always wanting more.” There are 10 tracks on this album. One of them is Big and Stupid (“The bigger they are/ The harder they’ll work/ I got a soft spot/ For a good-looking jerk”). Another is Homecoming Queen (in which a cop’s voice is heard to yell out to the mass murderess, “Throw down your gun and tiara and come out of the float!”). Both of these classic songs were recorded in 1984 but only released on ER Then there’s a new tune Brown wrote with Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, composers of Cyndi Lauper’s hit True Colors and Madonna‘s Like a Virgin. It’s called Girl Fight Tonight! and it’s a peppy send-up of those girl-gang ’60s tunes: “When you told him he looked like Rob Lowe/ That was the last straw/ So now I have to tell him that you wear a padded bra.” The title track tries to be funny, with limited success. That leaves six very routine songs (out of eight new ones) sung very routinely. Brown may miss Terrence McNally and Ray Colcord, who collaborated with her and Charlie Coffey on her ’84 tunes. In any case, it’s painful to hear her doing seriously just what she should be lampooning. (Sire)

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