By People Staff
April 11, 1994 12:00 PM

by Eileen Elias Freeman

This is Angelology 101. Freeman, who claims her guardian angel once prevented her from entering a building in which a woman was being stabbed, answers everything you ever wanted to know about celestial caretakers. Angel facts (according lo Freeman): they’ve got halos but not wings and are assigned a gender—but riot necessarily one you’ve ever heard of. Furthermore, says Freeman, It’s a Wonderful Life got it all wrong: human beings don’t die and come back as heavenly messengers any more than trees turn into giraffes. Angels are ancient, highly evolved beings whose job it is to protect us physically and spiritually. At least one question remains unanswered in this otherwise thorough volume: Why are some people saved and not others? Was the guardian angel of the woman who got stabbed out to lunch or what? (Warner, $14.95)