April 29, 1991 12:00 PM

Fox (Sundays, 9:30 P.M. ET)


In a curdled sitcom, Joseph (The Woman in Red) Bologna plays a crude apartment-building superintendent who is constantly scheming to get his dense, malaprop-spouting hunk of a son (TV 707’s Matt LeBlanc) to marry a rich woman so they’ll both be provided for in the style to which they would like to become accustomed.

These sleazy slugs are friends with the Bundys. whose similarly raunchy sitcom, Married…With Children, precedes this. Think of it as Fox’s dyspeptic one-two punch to the gizzard.

Bologna swaggers through the ooze, but LeBlanc is blank. Of course, he has such lines as “Dealing with rich people makes me uncomfortable. I’m much more at ease dealing with the average John Dope.” Rita Moreno got roped into this mud fight as a country-club manager and LeBlanc’s boss.

Bologna says to his son at one point, “I’m pouring my heart out here. Why are we talking bodily fluids?” Good question.

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