By People Staff
February 16, 1987 12:00 PM

Earl Thomas Conley

Conley has the weathered voice and propensity for bad-time songs to put him right up there with George Jones among the best country music sufferers. On this album he sings Attracted to Pain, Dancin’ With the Flame, I Need a Good Woman Bad(which he co-wrote with Tommy Brasfield) and Too Many Times. The latter, a Micheal Smother-man-Scott Page-Tony McShear tune, features a duet with Anita Pointer, which is not as strange as it sounds since the Pointer Sisters sang country pop before they rediscovered their funkier side. Conley and Anita seem to have an easygoing rapport, though rapport is definitely not the musical theme here. This is Conley’s sixth album—he’s 44—and it’s full of lovelorn laments that keep making you want to say, “Ain’t that right, Earl.” (RCA)