and Liza Hamm
September 27, 2010 12:00 PM

>The networks roll out most of their new series this week—so which ones deserve your TV time?



Apart from Lost, apocalyptic thrillers that jumble the time frame peter out fast. Viewers just don’t have much patience for the imponderable after dinner. The Event at least has a slam-bang premiere, with Jason Ritter in a panic on a nose-diving airplane and Laura Innes as a political detainee with strange powers. I look forward to The Payoff. []


This is Dallas without all the barbecue sauce, a soap about dynastic Texans that feels closer to Friday Night Lights in its understated leanness. James Wolk plays a young con man cocky enough to think he can hang on to a working-class wife while shooting up the ladder at a big oil company—where he’s married to the boss’ daughter. The complications should come gushing up real soon. []

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